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Unit 1 How tall are you?
Listening Part
(听力部分 40分)
1.Listen and choose. 听录音,选择你所听到的单词或词组。(10)
(1)A. how tall B. how heavy C. how old (    )
(2)A. longest B. shortest C. tallest (    )
(3)A. happier B. bigger C. older (    )
(4)A. kilograms B. metres C. tons (    )
(5)A. stronger B. happier C. heavier (    )
(6)A. longer B. sadder C. lower (    )
(7)A. taller B. smaller C. shorter (    )
(8)A. older B. stronger C. younger (    )
(9)A. thinner B. bigger C. smarter (    )
(10)A. height B. age C. size (    )
2.Listen and choose. 听录音选出与所听内容相符的选项。(10)
(1)A. Bai Ming is two years older than Anna. (    )
B. Anna is two years older than Bai Ming.
(2)A. I’m heavier than Mike. (    )
B. I’m thinner than Mike.  
(3)A. Lucy’s sister is 5 cm shorter than Lily’s sister. (    )
B. Lucy’s sister is 5 cm taller than Lily’s sister.
(4)A. Wu Yifan’s feet are bigger than mine.   (    )
B. Wu Yifan’s feet are smaller than mine.
(5)A. My ruler is 5 cm shorter than yours. (    )
B. My ruler is 5 cm longer than yours.
3.Listen and answer. 听录音,选择正确的答句。(10)
(1)A. I’m 14 years old. B. I’m 1.64 metres. (    )
(2)A. Mike’s. B. Mike.     (    )
(3)A. He’s 46 kilograms.     B. He’s 1.65 metres.     (    )
(4)A. I’m fine, thank you. B. I’m 14 years old. (    )
(5)A. Size 37. B. 37 yuan.     (    )
4.Listen and fill in the blanks. 听录音,写出句子中所缺的单词。(10)
(1)My brother is ___________ and ___________ than John.
(2)Our shadows get ___________ when the sun gets ___________.
(3)I think the rabbit’s tail is ___________ and ___________ than the squirrel’s.
(4)He looks ___________ than me, but in fact he is ___________.
(5)-Hey, Jim, you look ___________ than before. 绿
-Yes, I’m          than you now.
Writing Part
(读写部分 60分)
5.Read and write. 读一读,写出下列单词的比较级。(10)
(1)old ___________ smart ___________ tall ___________
strong ___________ small ___________
(2)big ___________ thin ___________ sad ___________
(3)heavy ___________ sunny ___________
6Read and choose. 读一读,选择正确的答案。(10)
(1)I’m 47 kilograms. You’re 45 kilograms. I’m ______ than you. (    )
A. thinner B. bigger C. heavier
(2)-______ are you?
   -I’m 1.64 metres. (    )
A. How old     B. How tall         C. How heavy
(3)My feet are bigger than ______. (    )
A. yours B. you C. your
(4)I’m 11 years old. I’m 2 years younger than my brother. He’s ______ years old. (    )
A. 15 B. 13 C. 9
(5)He is stronger and taller than ______. (    )
A. my B. I C. me
(6)He is heavier than ______ of us together. (    )
A. both B. about C. either
(7)-How heavy is Mike?
   -______ (    )
A. He’s 13 years old. B. He’s 1.68 metres. C. He’s 48 kilograms.
(8)I think the giraffe is         than most of the animals in the zoo. (    )
A. taller     B. younger  C. smaller
(9)You are ______ than me, but my hands are ______ than yours. (    )
A. older; big B. old; bigger C. older; bigger
    -Size 36. (    )
A. Where are your shoes?
B. What size are your shoes?
C. How much are your shoes?
7.Read and fill in the blanks. 根据句意或图片,完成句子。(10)
(1)My        (19 cm) is ___________ than your      (10 cm).
(2)This            is 57 kg. It is ___________ than that            (34 kg).
(3)          is 60 years old. He is ___________ than          .
(4)Amy’s         (size 35) are ___________ than John’s           (size 38).
(5)John is ___________ than Zhang Peng.               
8.Rearrange the words. 组词成句。(10)
(1)Sarah’s, is, than, skirt, longer, mine (.)
(2)the, is, taller, of, dinosaur, both, together, us, than (.)
(3)older, stronger, and, Zhang Peng, is, than, him (.)
(4)the, hall, this, dinosaur, that’s, tallest, in (.)
(5)than, I, are, think, you, heavier, me (.)
9.Read and choose. 读一读,选择正确的句子补全对话。(10)
Liu Jun: Hello, Jack. Long time no see, you become taller and stronger. __________
Jack: I’m 1.64 metres.
Liu Jun: __________ I think you’re heavier, too.
Jack: I’m 48 kilograms. How about you?
Liu Jun: __________
Jack: Oh, you’re much thinner than before.
Liu Jun: __________
Jack: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
Liu Jun: __________
10Read and choose. 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。(10)
Do you know any famous Chinese sportsmen? Yes, like Yao Ming, he is a famous basketball player. And Liu Xiang, Wang Hao, Tian Liang, they are all good sportsmen. Today, I’ll tell you more about them.
Yao Ming is older than Liu Xiang and Wang Hao. But he is younger than Tian Liang. Yao Ming is 2.26 metres tall, and he is taller than the other three people. He is also heavier. He is 140.6 kg. He looks stronger.
Tian Liang is older than the other three people, but he is shorter and smaller.
Liu Xiang and Wang Hao were born in the same year. But Wang Hao is a little younger and shorter than Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang runs faster than the others.
(1)Who is older? (    )
A. Yao Ming. B. Liu Xiang. C. Wang Hao.
(2)How tall is Yao Ming? (    )
A. 2.26 cm. B. 2.26 mm. C. 2.26 m.
(3)Liu Xiang is ______ than Wang Hao. (    )
A. younger B. older C. shorter
(4)______ runs faster than the other three people. (    )
A. Liu Xiang B. Wang Hao C. Tian Liang
(5)How many people are there in this article (文章)? (    )
A. There are three. B. There are four. C. There are five.

1.Listen and choose. 听录音,选择你所听到的单词或词组。(10)
(1)-How heavy is this dinosaur?
-It’s about five tons.
(2)Jack is the tallest boy in our class.
(3)Your bag is bigger than mine.
(4)A panda eats about 20 kilograms of bamboo every day.
(5)Which is heavier, an elephant or a horse?
(6)Sarah’s hair is longer than mine.
(7)When the sun shines, the snowman becomes smaller and smaller.
(8)The girl picking apples is my younger sister.
(9)-Hey, Amy, how heavy are you?
-Oh, I’m 40 kilograms.
-Er … You are thinner than me. I’m 44 kilograms now.
(10)-What size are your shoes, Mike?
-Size 38.
2.Listen and choose. 听录音选出与所听内容相符的选项。(10)
(1)Bai Ming is eleven years old. Anna is thirteen years old.
(2)-I’m 45 kilograms. How heavy are you, Mike?
-I’m 48 kilograms.
(3)Lucy’s sister is 1.6 metres tall, and Lily’s sister is 1.65 metres tall.
(4)-My shoes are size 38. What about you, Yifan?
-My shoes are size 37.
(5)My ruler is 10 cm, and yours is 15 cm.
3.Listen and answer. 听录音,选择正确的答句。(10)
(1)How tall are you?
(2)Whose shoes are bigger than yours?
(3)How heavy is Oliver?
(4)How old are you?
(5)How much is your new T-shirt?
4.Listen and fill in the blanks. 听录音,写出句子中所缺的单词。(10)
(1)My brother is thinner and shorter than John.
(2)Our shadows get longer when the sun gets lower.
(3)I think the rabbit’s tail is smaller and shorter than the squirrel’s.
(4)He looks younger than me, but in fact he is older.
(5)-Hey, Jim, you look stronger than before.
-Yes, I’m heavier than you now.